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1. Admission Fee 7500/- and Monthly Tuition Fee 3000/ Weekly 1 Day 2 hours Class

2. It is mandatory to submit all the documents self attested along with admission fee and first month tuition fee at the time of admission.

3. Course Duration cannot be changed in any form after admission to each course. First admission will be at 6 Month and 12 Month.

4. If you want to retake a class after completing a course, you have to re-admission.

5. Every student ID Card will be provided (*charges excluded)

6. After the completion of the course, you have to pay the prescribed fees to get the certificate and to get the Title or Award. (Changeable)

7. Payment of tuition fee is compulsory in the first week of the every month. Otherwise a penalty of Rs.100 per week will be levied.

8. I appeal to all students to learn this profession with devotion and respect and engage in the welfare of human life and engage themselves as a profession and call upon all efforts to make this institution long lasting.

9. At the end of the course the examination will be done after depositing the examination fee and evaluation will be done on merit basis. The exam will be final once in each course.

10. Those who will be Ex Member of UNIVERSAL EDUCATION HUB will be given facility of Extra Income.

11. After fulfillment of course, certificate and astro-award  or title will be chargable.